Giving You Time To Run A Successful Business!

Your books and all of the finances are a critical part of running your business but it takes time, effort, and not a little knowledge. You need time to free your time to concentrate on the business of doing business.

Our services

Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services

Your time is more valuable doing what you do best.

Let us do what we do best so that you can focus on running your business.

Bank Reconciliations

Stuff comes in, Great!

Stuff goes out, Not so Great!.

All this activity needs to be reconciled by someone to keep track of it all. 

Payroll & Pension Services

It's fact of life that employees (and you) need to be paid and on time! At some point we stop working and for that time we have pensions that need paying into.


You gotta spend money to make money.

BUT you gotta keep and record receipts too!



Value Added Tax (VAT)

HMRC will take their share, but you need to make sure you are keeping your share too!

MTD Compliancy is a must from Nov 2022!

Business, Personal & Corporation Tax Returns

Many happy returns? Perhaps it's better described as effective pain management

Budgeting & Forecasting

Time to consult the Crystal Ball and plan for what the future holds in store.


Financial & Management Accounts

What is it? Where is it? Why was it? When was it? How.. (you get the idea)

About us


Experienced enough to serve but small enough to care.

We care about what we do and feel it is this attention that helps us stand out from the rest. Contact us now so we can discuss how we can help you to focus on the important things to you.


LMEntry Ltd accountancy and bookkeeping services focus on supporting businesses finding it difficult to justify dedicated financial staff. If you recognise that the time required to keep up to date with all of your financial responsibilities is taking you away from the main purpose of your business, then we can help.


Primarily Serving Hampshire, Berkshire, and Surrey

We are based in Basingstoke in North Hampshire positioning us perfectly to provide support for businesses within these areas.We bring many years of experience in accounting working with a wide variety of business types from single person start-ups to internationally trading businesses.